We have received several scam reports in the past 12 months from gambling companies (online casino) regarding a company called Wewe Media and thought it was time to make a statement. WeWeMedia is a Global Leading Performance Network, in other terms an affiliation network. They connect advertisers to publishers for […]

Wewe Media SCAM – Do not work with them!

We have received several scam reports regarding sites that are ending by All these websites seem to be owned by the same scammer and the pages look exactly the same for all urls. Here is how scam sites looks like: Here are some of domain names they are […] SCAM sites

free bitcoin miner app scam
Today we are exposing another scam, but this time it is not a website it’s mobile app called “Free Bitcoin Miner – Earn BTC” or “Free Bitcoin Maker” available on Google Play Store and maybe also on the App Store who knows! What is Free Bitcoin Maker App? This mobile […]

Free Bitcoin Maker – Miner App Scam