Free Bitcoin Maker – Miner App Scam

Today we are exposing another scam, but this time it is not a website it’s mobile app called “Free Bitcoin Miner – Earn BTC” or “Free Bitcoin Maker” available on Google Play Store and maybe also on the App Store who knows!

What is Free Bitcoin Maker App?

This mobile app claims to let you earn bitcoin satoshis (500 satoshis) every 30 minutes while displaying advertisements. You can also download apps, play, completing tasks and buy things to earn satoshis.

You need 500,000 satoshis in order to be able to withdraw in your bitcoin wallet.

Why Free Bitcoin Maker Miner App is a scam?

Well, the surprise comes when you want to withdraw the 500.000 satoshis you have earned. Because you will NEVER RECEIVE THEM even after 10 business days!

Also there is no tracking history! So the money is vanished when you request a withdrawal and some people even complain that when you uninstall and re-install the app the money is gone! What a joke!

What’s more? There is no contact details except from this email address from the russian developper: which of course does not reply. And even if they reply, how would they be able to track your withdrawal request if you don’t even have a number or an account? grrrr

But wait, there is more! This app has a rating of over 4 on google store! Amazing, isn’t? Thanks to fake reviews. Users are also rewarded to rate the app 5 stars. Through these good comments you can still find users complaining that they did not get paid.

So, do not waste your time with this app!

What we can do about it?

We highly recommend you to fill a form to Google Play in order to report and flag this inappropriate app as SCAM using the following link:

Do not let these scammers continue to make money and wasting the time to others users. Act now and report them!

So, how can you earn Bitcoin with a legit website or app?

Visit Freebitcoin – A legit paying website, bitcoin faucet, with already millions of users.

And if you would like to earn money by completing tasks, such as registering to website, completing surveys, playing games, buying online, downloading apps, etc. Then visit: Clixsense. Another legit site who has paid already millions of users.


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