is a SCAM like all others Bitcoin Generators

Who knew it was so easy to earn bitcoins? Just use a bitcoin generator or bitcoin hack and that’s it! You are rich ! Well done! 

No, no, and no! STOP RIGHT HERE!

All these bitcoin generators are SCAMS! Yes, all of them. Did you really think you could get free bitcoins just like that by using a hack…

What about Is it scam or legit? Yes, 100% SCAM.

Why is it scam? Here are the steps how it works.

  1. You will be asked to enter your bitcoin address.
  2. Click on the button “Confirm” to generate the bitcoins
  3. Wait for the transaction status. Connecting to blockchains,… to hack some bitcoins.
  4. Pay the fee

Guess where is the catch? Yes, you will have to pay the fee in order to received the promised bitcoins that you will never receive.

What’s more? The notifications at the bottom right of the screen are obviously fake. It says that, this IP have received already x bitcoins. Bullshit, all payment proofs are fake.

Plus, there is always a lively funny chat full of bots. Yes, there are always people (bots) chatting, always and at any time! These bots will ask lots of questions like “is it free?”, “How much coins u made so far?” and look like real persons. If you type “bots”, they will say “yes we are all bots”. So, yes the chat is also fake and full of bots.

In conclusion, STAY AWAY from or any other bitcoin generator or hack.

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