SCAM sites

We have received several scam reports regarding sites that are ending by All these websites seem to be owned by the same scammer and the pages look exactly the same for all urls.

Here is how scam sites looks like:

Here are some of domain names they are using.


As you can see they all very look similar. This list is non-exhaustive they probably are using many others addresses.

They pretend that you can make from $50 up to $300 in few hours. But let’s be real. This is the first sign that these websites are scam. Not any legit PTC website will pay you that amount of money to click on ads.

They are also asking you to refer 40 others persons or to buy referrals via bitcoin. So please do not promote this kind or website or spend any money for this.

Their website says that you will receive your payment within 1 hour via bank card or electronic bank transfer. You will in fact never receive it. Also it can be dangerous to share your bank details, specially your bank card information. And there will be no way to delete them. So, once again, do not share your personal or banking details. Who knows that they will be doing with this information.

Some people also reported that they are taking advantage of the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis. They say that is way to help you earn money while the spread of the virus covid19.

In conclusion, do not waste your time on these websites, they all are scams. Legit Paid to click website do not pay hundreds US dollars and cannot compensate a full time job. They can help you an extra income but not that much. Usually they pay between up to $0.01 and $0.05. If you are looking for real legit PTC websites, click here.

Here, you can also Report PTC Scam sites including new domain names used by the scammer

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