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Summary :

PaidVerts is one of the most well known revenue share websites in the last few years. Launched early in 2014, it has proven to be a stable platform and continue to pay it’s millions of members. So, is it a scam or legit website? We don’t think it is a scam, but let’s find out now!

Status : LEGIT

How PaidVerts works and how to start earning money?

  • View Advertisements: Clicking and watching ads is the key of this program to earn and keep making money everyday. The value of the ads you receive is based on the BAP. What is BAP? The bonus ad points. The more bonus points you have the more value will be the ads you will receive each day. In order to gain BAPs quickly you can buy bulk ads. Each $1 you spend on ad pack will give you $1.20 worth of paid ads in the long run. That’s why PaidVerts is considered as a rev share site, because of the 120% ROI.
  • Get more referrals: To help you earn more money, it is a good idea to recruit more friends. This will give you a 10% commission on your referral purchases, and a 5% commission on their clicks.
  • Completing Cash Offers and PTC Walls: There are many tasks that will increase your earnings. It can start simply by clicking ans viewing ads, to completing surveys, downloading apps,…
  • Click Grid: Each day you have 20 chances to win a prize by playing Click Grid. All you have to do, is choosing and clicking on a square in the grid and view the ad for few seconds. Once the time is up, you will find out if you have won anything. If you extremely lucky, you can win up to $100 or 1 million BAP.
  • Revenue Share Bulk Ads: Buying ad pack to promote your website will give you BAP (bonus ad points) for each dollar spend. Spend 1 dollar and get 1.20 US dollars in paid ads, that’s 120% Return on Investment.
  • Play games: If you want to try your luck and win even more BAP, why not playing games. You will find casino games such as roulette, blackjack, keno, baccarat, video poker, scratch cards, classic and video slots. There are also more skill games like Pyramid Solitaire and Mahjong.

It it worth advertising my website on PaidVerts?

Let’s have a look at what are the options to advertise on PaidVerts.

  1. Targeted Ads: Users will copy and paste 3 lines of text about your offering, before visiting your website for 30 seconds.
  2. Bulk Ads: Also known as ad pack. Each $1 gives you 100 user visits for up to 30 seconds each, 25 top of page 728*90 or 468*60 banner impressions and finally 100 125*125 banner impressions. This is the revenue share option you need to buy if you want to get 120% ROI.
  3. Cheap Traffic: This option costs $0.10 per 40 unique visits. Users will visit your website for 15 seconds, after typing 1 line of copy & paste about your offering.
  4. New Users: Users, who created PV’s account in the past 30 days, will visit your website for 5 seconds. This cost $1.00 for 500 visits of new PaidVerts’s users.
  5. AdGrid: You can have your advertisement as a background image on the click grid – users will see you ad before they click the grid! It costs 1$ per 1000 grid impression-clicks.
  6. AdGrid Fixed: You can buy a spot on the click grid game for a fixed amount of time.
  7. Fixed Ads Auction: Bid starting from $5 to have your ad shown as a fixed ad for a full day, and receive up 40,000+ unique visitors in a day, each viewing your ad for 15 seconds, after typing out 3 unique selling points of your business.
  8. Login Ads Auction: You can bid starting from $10 to have your ad shown on first PaidVerts visit from all of our unique members on a specific day. Have up to 40,000+ unique users viewing your ad for 2 seconds as the first action of their session.
  9. BAP Banner Spots: Use your BAP for additional advertising with special banner spots! Faster delivery of bought impressions in additional 728*90 and 160*600 px spots. You can buy that from just 200 BAPs.
  10. Forum Banner Auction: Use your money for additional advertising with special forum banner spots. Delivery in 160*600 px spot. The price starts from $10.

As you can see that’s a lot of advertising options whether your goal is traffic, leads or revenue. The best and only option that will give you some revenue share is the option 2, Bulk Ads.

Our verdict about PaidVerts is definitely the safest revenue share platform to invest in. You should not expect to get your return on investment in few days. It is more a long term investment that will continuously grow in the next few months or years. Obviously to help you to get your positive ROI, investing is not the only solution. There is also more possibilities like completing offers from offerwalls or playing that will help you getting more.

The good thing about PaidVerts is when you invest money you also get the opportunity to advertise your website or any other referral website. This will for sure help you to get more referrals for any programs you are promoting or your business and therefore earning more money.

In conclusion, PaidVerts is really the way to go if you are looking for a safe revenue share program or trying to advertise a website to millions of members.

Key Details :

Created in : 03/2014
Script : Unique
Free Website : Yes
Language : English, Polish, Spanish
Total members : over 3 million registered members
Ads per day : ≅30
Commissions : Yes
Revenue Share : Yes
Currency : US dollar
Minimum Payout : $1 minimum cashout
Withdrawal Time Frame : Cashouts are generally processed the same day or the day after. It can be up to 7 days.
Payment Methods : Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin, OKPay, Payeer.

What do you think about PaidVerts in 2020?

Let us know what is your experience with Paidverts. Have you found it profitable? Is it a legit site paying his members? Do not hesitate to post your questions about if you have any. Comment below and rate PaidVerts and post your payment proofs.

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