Scam Report 2

This page aims to collect and solve if possible all complaints from PTC members.

Did you get scam by a PTC site ? Do you think you are being scammed by a paid to click site ? You did not receive the payment requested ? You are waiting for your payment for weeks or months ? The PTC Admin is a scammer ? The Admin deleted your proof posted on the forum ? You cannot login to your account ? They closed your account for no reason ? You are suspicious or think that a particular PTC program is suspicious ? They do not reply to your support tickets ? Do you have any others issues with a PTC ?

We strongly recommend that you submit a scam report by filling the form below so we can investigate and add eventually this site to our blacklist if it is not already there.

In order to have accurate evidences and for us to investigate further, please UPLOAD Screenshots of proofs if you have any or can make any ! It is very important.

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2 thoughts on “Scam Report

  • Nugroho

    hi, i joined EPOMONEY.CLUB because each ad will be paid 10cent. after I reach the minimum withdraw money, make the rule must have 40 referrals then I buy referrals in exchange. I paid $ 30 for 200 referrals. then i withdraw, ask $ 10 again to speed up verify my account. until now they do not pay me. is a true SCAM. and also be careful with email user she is also a fraud. Thanks