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We have received several scam reports in the past 12 months from gambling companies (online casino) regarding a company called Wewe Media and thought it was time to make a statement. WeWeMedia is a Global Leading Performance Network, in other terms an affiliation network. They connect advertisers to publishers for the i-gaming industry but not only.

Looking at the scam reports, several gambling companies have been contacted by Skype and email from representatives of Wewe Media. Most of the time their names are Penny Qiu, account manager, and Ingrid Runglich. They asked them to sign an IO in order to start working with them. In all the cases we saw they have asked for a CPA deal. A CPA deal is a remuneration for each new depositing player.

How WeWe Media is scamming the i-gaming industry?

However the problems started as soon as the advertisers received the traffic. Advertisers are saying that traffic is manipulated in order to abuse their CPA policy. Meaning that, these new players who deposited are given incentives to deposit or they are sending fake new depositing players of which 99% will be inactive during a certain time.

As you can imagine, casino affiliation programs do not pay for fraud or manipulated traffic. It is against their terms and conditions to pay for players that are simply not really interested to play or are note even real. Many affiliates are trying to abuse casino CPA remuneration in order to make easy money.

Once WeweMedia were made aware of fraud by the casino representatives, they absolutely ignored all evidences and started threatening in order to receive the full payment for their fraud activity.

Shall you work with Wewe Media? Absolutely not!

If you are contacted by this company Wewe Media, please do not work with them. You will end up loosing lot’s of money.

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6 thoughts on “Wewe Media SCAM – Do not work with them!

  • Pawel

    I’m very glad I have found this review about Wewe Media… Charlize Ingrid R added me on Skype and asked if we wanted to work with them. Obviously, I was very suspicious as they could not give any guarantee, any proof about their past performance. Be aware guys, so many scammers screwing the industry.

  • Andre

    Spot on. WeweMedia asked us to pay 12k for new players with fake details. I can confirm that we did not pay these fraudsters and would suggest anyone to be extremely vigilant if you are actually working with them or if they contact your company.

    • Radoslav

      Mate that happened to us as well, they’re really scammyyy. Their players worth nothing we warned them many times about their activity which seemed fishy since the beginning. Then we closed wewe media account immediately when we noticed it and refused to pay anything for these players. Guess what after that they were continuously asking for the unpaid commissions and wanted to scared us with legal actions. They will really try anything, by the way if are some of the others persons working for wewe media if it can help to spot them: Vivian Chan, Aaron Tan, Penny Qiu, Charlize Ingrid. Zac Tian, Charlie Li, Jun Seminera and so on