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Are you tired of being scammed ? Are you fed up of wasting time and money on evil PTC sites ?

In order to help you to avoid choosing the wrong PTC program, we have created a blacklist where all active scam PTC and recent closed PTC are listed.

There are various reasons why a PTC is on our scam list. The main reasons are because they are not paying members when they request cashouts, they stop paying members, the admin is known as a scammer, they banned users from their forum or suspend member’s accounts, they claim to make you rich with unbelievably high remuneration but you will never receive the money that was promised.

We have added a search option to help you to find a PTC in our blacklist.

Please note that the list in the table below is updated on a daily basis. We recommend you to check regularly if any paid to click website becomes a scam.

PTC SiteReason
Adzpool.comadmin reset accounts
Viyads.comStopped paying
2centads.comStopped paying
Ominbux.comNew Scam site from Clixf admin
Clixf.comScammer admin, suspend accounts
Adznice.comScammer admin
Buxiso.comStole the design and content of Afrihost, Not professional, illegal, will stop paying and scam soon
Kikadz.comKikadz is back after deleting member accounts but still a scam
SpringBuxScammer admin, suspend accounts, same owner as Winterbux
Clixers.netStopped paying
Paidearnmedia.comStopped paying, No replies from Admin
Clixcart.comStopped paying, forum removed
SwiftPtc.comStopped paying
Win2Winbux.comGone for not paying hosting company and not paying members
Adfaze.comStopped paying
Clixsent.comPoor and unprofessional admin who confessed not having any more money, pending and selective payements
Vinbux.comScammer Admin, does not pay and inactive
Winterbux.comSelective payments, no new updated from Admin, spams in forum
Littleclix.comBad copy of LittleBux, stopped paying, No news from admin, forum full of spam.
Valuableadz.comFake payment proofs and ban users for no reason.
Littlebux.comStopped paying, Paypal issues, Forum closed.
Clixshine.comBan accounts without any reason
KingsBux.comStopped paying, Fake payment proofs, Unabled members to post on Forum
Jobsclix.comIssues with Paypal, not professional admin and website. Too high remuneration for contests
Linxser.comStopped paying, no news from admin
Clixtrust.netPaypal closed Admin account, Scammer admin, Does not pay
Aseohits.comDoes not pay, Fake payment proofs, Pending payments.
Adfinanze.comStopped paying, fake payment proof, spam and no news from admin in forum
Earnvertise.comDoes not pay, No news from Admin, Forum closed
Adfiver.comGustavo's Scam - Stopped paying, Trying to steal passwords
Useclix.comClosed without paying members - issues with Paypal
Infclix.comPending payments, Admin not very active
Trilogybux.comStopped paying, pending payments, no news from Admin, domain suspended
Transitbux.comDomain Suspended
Ultibux.comStopped paying, the site is closing
Buxony.comStopped paying, Paypal limited, complaints and banned users on Forum, Closed
Adclikz.comDoes not pay, spams in forum
Romclix.comStopped paying, spams on forum
Publicclix.comFake stats, posts on forum and payment proofs
Riseclix.comDoes not pay, Fake payment proofs
Riserevshare.comDoes not pay, Rise group SCAM
Clixadplus.comPending payments
Aecrimbux.comIn maintenance... for how long ??? dead
Termclix.comDoes not pay, forum full of spams
Ebpaidrev.comStopped paying, Scammer Admin EBP LLC
Eurobuxpaid.comStopped paying, Scammer Admin EBP LLC
Everbuxpaid.comStopped paying, Scammer Admin EBP LLC
Ulmons.comScam, did not pay, forum and site closed. Ulmons is now a hyip monitoring system to stay away.
Cashnhits.comStopped paying and gone
Hqbux.comStop paying, paypal issues
Flatclix.comStop paying, paypal issues, Polarptc sister
Polarptc.comStop paying, paypal issues,
Nice-clix.comComplaints and forum full of spams
Buxept.comStop Paying, Exceptional Scam, Fake payment proofs
Noblebux.comStop Paying, Fake payment proofs, complaints and spam on Forum
Realptc.netStop Paying, My6clix sister's site, Forum Closed, Real Scam
Weobux.comScammer Admin, Bad Copy of Neobux, Fake stats
Revadburst.comStopped paying, Scammer Admin Reece Sinclaire
Wellclix.comForum desactivated, stopped paying
Jptplanet.comCopy and Steal the design and indentity of Fake Stats
Clixpack.comDoes not pay, Fake payment proofs, spam in forum
My6clix.comStop Paying, Closed Forum
Lotraffic.comSelective payments
Pvtraffic.comStop paying, Ban members for no reason
Adzile.comComplaints about pending payments on Forum
Minionclix.comPending payments, Complaints in Forum, Suspend Accounts
Wesbux.comNot paying, Complaints and pending payments in forum
Warofclicks.comStopped paying, No more support
Intactbux.comStop paying, Forum closed
Ladenbux.comStop Paying, Fake payment proofs, Dead Forum
Neatbux.comDoes not pay, scam
Advertzer.comNo recent payment proofs and posts in forum - Admin: Rince Sinclair
Buxort.comCopycat of, complaints on forum, suspend members, gone
Iconclix.comNot Paying. Complaints on Forum
Sortbux.comForum removed, complaints in forum, stop paying
Paidvertisement.comDoes not pay, fake payment proofs
Payrichbux.comSelective payments, No recent posts in Forum Complaints about non-payment on Forum
Buxads.comDoes not pay, No response from the Admin
Passionclix.comGone, Does not pay, Complaints about deleting accounts
Digadz.comStop paying, Forum Spam, No more support on Forum, Facebook and by e-mail
Earn-bux.netUses illegal Evolution Script License
Yourincomecenter.comNot paying
Contestclix.comStop paying
Pm-eurobux.comNot paying, Scam site
Adz-view.comDoes not pay, Fake payment proofs
Bux999.comNot paying, Scam site
Bux888.comNot paying, Suspend accounts
The-bux.netNot paying, Scam site
Mountbux.comNot paying
Trusteurobux.comWebsite not available
Loydbux.comNot paying, Fake payment proofs
Vitabux.comNot paying
Aceclix.comNot paying
Zevitbux.comHosting account suspended
Spicyclicks.comDomain temporarily or permanently suspended
Keenclix.comScammer admin, Suspend Accounts, Does not pay
Buxmega.comClosed, Scammer admin
Moneyattackbux.comScammer admin, Domain suspended
Adrever.comNot paying
Beautibux.comForum closed, Does not pay
Sombux.tkFree Domain, Gone
Bizclix.orgDoes not pay, Parked domain
Moneygroupbux.comDomain suspended
Boxbux.comDead, Suspend accounts, Not Paying
Realbigprofit.comScam, Dreamseller
Savingbux.comWebsite not available
Fourclix.comIn maintenance forever
Clixbonus.comAbandoned, Not paying
Kreanclix.comNot paying. Closed
Aprilcoin.comNot Paying, Closed
CashOClick.comChanged payment time in TOS up to 45 days without notice. Same scammer admin as 20dollars2surf and CPMAffiliation. Closed
Paidvertize.comNot paying, Blocked accounts, Cannot login, Hacked e-mail accounts
Smartsbux.comWell known Scammer admin, Stopped paying
Mahiclix.comAbandoned, Stopped paying, Spams in Forum
Smile-ads.comDoes not pay
Profitforest.comClosed, Stopped paying
Oxybux.comStopped paying, Abandoned, Scammer Admin
Selfclix.comDomain suspended temporarily or permanently
Realearningptc.comDomain suspended temporarily or permanently
Garenaptc.comDoes not pay, remove complaints on forum, Fake payment proofs
Rrpays.comDomain suspended, Same scammer owners as Linxpays
Wsbux.comsame scammer admin as Linxpays, RRpays and Invpay
Dollarmadness.bizStop paying
Linxpays.comDoes not pay, Forum closed, complaints and malwares
Karmanbux.comWebsite is down
Arrowptc.comNo recent payment proofs, facebook page not available, Not paying as their terms
Clixverify.compending payments, Fake payment proofs
Clixpalace.comStopped paying, No Forum, Facebook page removed
Toxads.comWebsite is down, does not pay and use illegal evolution script
Laureasy.comClosed, scammer admin, stopped paying
Laurigna.comClosed, stop paying, no news from the Admin
Unionandvalue.comDead, redirects to UltimateClixx
Denclix.comFake payment proofs, Not paying
Viibux.comStop paying, site and forum abandoned
Clix4u.comStop paying, Forum spam
Nivilbux.comNo recent payment proofs, Abandoned forum
Team-deal.roHosting account suspended, Does not pay
44bux.comOffline Website
Royalptr.comNot paying, Dreamseller
Hyipbux.comToo complicated, Need to invest to be paid, Suspicious Forum
Goldadz.comFull of ads and pop-under, Abandoned
Buxtoon.comOffline website
Doraclix.comComplaints and spam in forum, parked domain, dead
Sporebux.comNo recent payment proofs, Abandoned Forum, Connected to others scam sites
Kangaclix.comNot paying, Domain suspended temporarily or permanently
Sunnyclix.comScammer admin same as Venusbux, Fake payment proofs, Abandoned forum
Netprofitbux.comNo blog posts, Not enough payment proofs, Suspicous
Buxcherry.comNot paying, Fake payment proofs, Evolution script
Novidesk.comParked domain, dead
Clixhome.comNot paying, No recent payment proofs, Forum spam
Paidrev.comScammer Admin, Not paying, Fake payment proofs
V-clix.netAbandoned, No recent payment proofs, no news
Venusbux.comScammer admin, Fake information and proofs of payment
Inadclix.comStop paying, No recent payment proofs, Forum spam
Gokubux.comDoes not pay, Suspend accounts, Fake payment proofs
Dudeclix.comSite is back after a long downtime, Not paying, Fake payment proofs
Pmbux.comFake payment proofs and stats, No recent news and posts in blog, Nextgen script
Rainclix.comScammer Admin, pending payments, No recent posts in forum
Edenbux.comScammer Admin, Website is offline
Quikly.inDoes not pay, Abandoned forum, Not enough payment proofs
Last-bux.comNo proofs, terms or forum, website is down
Policeptc.infoNo News, Forum and FAQ, amateur terms
Kayads.comForum abandoned, Fake whois information, No more paying
Wintellfree.comNo recent proofs of payment, forum abandoned, 1000 ad clicks to be paid
Buxtaste.comDomain suspended temporarily or permanently
Vilvad.comOffline after 2 months, Complaints about referral system, site for sale
Admoreclix.comOffline after only 1 month No Forum and FAQ, Fake info and payments, dreamseller
Clickingzone.comNo Forum TOS and FAQ, Fake info, Too high remuneration
Pixelbux.comNo recent payments, Pending payments, Abandoned, spams on Forum
Papbux.comAbandoned, No news, No payment proofs, No advertisers
Icebux.comDoes not pay, no recent payment proofs, abandoned
Clix2015.comDoes not pay, Forum removed, Fake payment proofs, no support
Mapleclix.comToo high remuneration per click, Scammer admin jjhonson77, spams in forum
Newcashbux.comNo more posts on Forum, Closed
Buxtime.comFake info, over 1 millon members and desert forum, Not enough payment proofs
Dssbux.comNo recent payment proofs, abandoned
Clixebux.comNo Support, No Forum, No payment proofs
Clicksptc.infoFake payment proofs, design not professional, PTC script editor closed
Ptcstar.usAbandoned, no recent payment proofs and news Suspend accounts, Scammer Admin, Selective payments
Yorbux365.comServer maintenance, Suspect
Buxbery.comClosed Forum, Not paying
Ptcstair.comClosed Forum, Stop paying
Zeabux.comNo recent payment proofs, No reply on forum, same owner as and
Viabux.comScammer Admin, Not paying, ban users, no support
Corebux.comNot paying, Not enough payment proofs, banned users
Pexads.comNot paying, No recent payment proofs
Jbibux.comNot paying, part of Middleton Industries, have to pay to cashout
Zemincome.comNot paying, domain temporarily or permanently suspended
Zweibux.comClosed, Hosting account suspended
Fishbux.comNot paying, spams on forum, no support
10000dollarptc.comNot paying, dreamseller, unbelievable remuneration
Earningspot.comNot paying, Fake payment proofs, Forum removed, Suspend member's account
Oppobux.comHosting account suspended
Rombux.comNot paying, No support, Website is down
Fanbux.orgNo Terms, Forum and News, Ilegal EvolutionScript license
Onhitz.comPTC closed, replaced by a hyip monitor
Zonebux.esPTC closed, domain parked
Adclickincome.comStop paying, Forum, payment proofs pages redirects to homepage
Directpayclick.comAbandoned, Error MySQL Database
Trustybux.comNot paying, Complaints on Forum, Website is offline
Entrabux.comDoes not pay, No recent proofs, Ban users, Fake info
Adclickspay.comNot paying, Website offline
Starkbux.comNot paying, Forum removed, Website offline
Gearclix.comNot paying, Complaints on Forum, Website offline
Strongclix.comScammer Admin, Website offline
Guaranteedptc.comSerial scammer, No Forum, No recent news and proofs
Neoclk.comScammer Admin, Abandoned, No facebook page
Ormclix.comAbandoned, No payment proofs and TOS, No single post on Forum
Adsclickearning.comFake info and payment proofs, No FAQ and Forum
Herafi.comNot paying, Site for sale
Payadoo.comNo recent payment proofs, Issues with payments, website offline
Paidtrust.comNot paying, Does not exist any more, domain parked

If you do not find a PTC in our black list you might check our Watch List (Not recommended). Have you proofs that a PTC not listed is a scam ? Please submit a scam report so we can add it on the list.

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