Scam Paid to Click Sites 10

Are you tired of being scammed ? Are you fed up of wasting time and money on evil PTC sites ?

In order to help you to avoid choosing the wrong PTC program, we have created a blacklist where all active scam PTC and recent closed PTC are listed.

There are various reasons why a PTC is on our scam list. The main reasons are:

  • Not paying members when they request cashouts
  • Stop paying members
  • Admin is known as a scammer
  • Ban users from their forum
  • Suspend member’s accounts
  • Claim to make you rich with unbelievably high remuneration but you will never receive the money that was promised.

We have added a search option to help you to find a PTC in our blacklist.

Please note that the list in the table below is updated on a daily basis. We recommend you to check regularly if any paid to click website becomes a scam.

PTC Scam List

PTC SiteReason
kinobux.comkinobux scam - used the information of another company. 100% refund = 100% scam. Do not invest. same owner of NatClix and KaCLix
taoclix.comscam - stopped paying - no more support
centuryofwar.comin maintenance for days - possible scam
noxo.comscam - website is gone groupOBUX.PRO, OCLIX.PRO, PAYU.FUN, UREV.FUN, BUXE.CLUB. CLIXE.CLUB. OGPT.SITE. ADSO.SITE all scam not paying
horseptc.comcheap website without money - will scam soon
funybux.comscam - stopped paying, fake payment proofs
dollarbaps.comscam - exact copy of hitscash ponzi scam. Don't be fooled. Trusted Admins don't use copy of old scam sites.
bap.cashscam - copycat of ponzi scam. Poor design without dedicated server and rigged games.
atibuxer.comscam - owned by ATI Group (Atif Riza), scammer admin. Others scam sites (,
vipsbux.comscam - information mismatched on the website and terms. Impossible to get credited for the high value ads.
bonusadpoints.comscam - copy paste of the scam hits cash without forum
spotverts.comscam - not paying
brainshare.ltdscam - not paying. Be careful, dangerous site with malware. Possibly mining. Fake company. High usage of CPU
buxlien.comscam - unresponsive admin - no support, pending payments, fake payment proofs
hits.cashscam - disabled forum, not paying, added popunders, pending payments get credited back to the HC account
orbisbux.comscam - not paying same as brainbux
brainbux.comscam - not paying same as bankingbux
bankingbux.comscam - fake payment proofs same as orbisbux
hitsor.cashscam - popunder malware - using the name of a scam. Same Admin?
instaptc.comsuspend accounts
prettybux.xyzfake payment proofs
positivebux.comfake payment proofs - not paying
natclix.comeverything is fake, fake payment proofs, fake company
scams - not paying
AbiClix.comscam - Abiclix website under maintenance for days without any notice.
levelsclix.comlevelsclix is not paying, a scam. Fake payment proofs
starshares.netscam - not paying and fake payment proofs
all scams - not paying - unreal earnings. Here is an article about these scam sites.
myclixads.comscam - need to invest $30 to get paid, no active forum, rude admin.
Payubux.comscam - pending payments - removed the forum.
SharkClix.comscam - not paying fake payment proofs
LiberateClix.proscam - block withdrawals for free members need to invest, ban users, unresponsive admin on forum.
UpTownAdz.onlinescam - fake payment proof and forum gone.
pushpbux.comscam - stole website design of Grandbux - Suspend accounts
scams - same admin - pending payments - ask to reinvest to get paid
supperclix.comscam - not paying
starclix.netscam - not paying - fake payment proofs
ladderclix.comscam - pending payments - admin changed
stormclix.comscam - pending payment - owner changed
crypto-smart.ccscam - fake payment proofs - too many unwanted ads popups
kingclix.comscammer admin
snailbux.comscam - not paying
pohitz.comscam - not paying scam - not paying
followclix.comscam - not paying
7starclix.comscam - not paying
clixsen.comscam - not paying
probux.netscam - fake payment proofs. Attention it will be relaunched by "new owners".
jokerbux.comscam - not paying
ukearning.comscam - not paying, fake payment proofs. Unprofessional, childish website designed by a kid, Too many unwanted popups ads.
rayptc.comscam - not paying, fake payment.

If you do not find a PTC in our black list you might check our Watch List (Not recommended). Have you proofs that a PTC not listed is a scam ? Please submit a scam report so we can add it on the list.

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