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ySense Surveys
ySense (aka ClixSense), owned by Prodege LLC, was one of theĀ pioneers paid to click services created in February 2007 and one of the most trusted PTC sites with fast payouts. ySense is really a legit website that pays you.

Their business model has now changed so they do not offer any more paid to click ads. Instead, you can earn money via different ways.

What are the earning options?

  • Paid online surveys
  • Cash offers (You get paid for downloading apps, signing up to websites, watching videos and much more.)
  • Paid tasks

How much money can you make with ySense ?

Well, it all depends on your activity. Surveys are worth from few cents up to $5. It’s about the same range for the offers while it can go up to $10 when you purchase something. Completing Figure Eight tasks will not make you loads of money. You usually earn from these tasks from $0.01 to $0.10 per job.

So the best way to earn lots of money on ySense is to complete surveys and offers. You could make easily a minimum of $5 to $10 per day if not more.

Get Cash for completing paid Surveys

What users love with ySense is that you can earn a bunch of cash by completing Surveys ! Sometimes you do not even earn some small cents but this time some real green dollars ! Do not forget to complete your profile to have even more surveys daily. Often I ask myself if you should lie while doing these surveys in order to get more money and be the target they are looking for. But it is not a very good idea to lie as advised ySense because you could get banned if they noticed that. So we should be always honest.

Easy tasks Mini Jobs

There are also some new daily mini tasks that you can complete in order to earn more money. In addition of the cents you will earn, you will also get a bonus of $5 for each $50 tasks completed. You can also participate in the weekly contest to win up to 50 dollars.

ySense Offers

There are lots of offers on ClixSense provided by Persona.ly, TrialPay, RadiumOne, Matomy, Supersonic, SuperRewards, TokenAds, OfferToro or Adscend. All what you need to do is for example to listen to the radio, complete surveys, play games, register your e-mail address, download and install the mobile app, purchase and do some shopping and watch videos in order to earn even more money !

Payment info for cashout

The minimum payout starts from 5 US dollars up to $52 depending on the payment method.

You can cashout using Amazon Gift cards that you can use on their US, UK, France, Italy or Spain website.

You can also get paid via e-wallets such as Paypal, Skrill and Payoneer.

It can usually takes about 5 to 7 days to receive your payment. If you just registered in the last 30 days, it may take up to 15 business days in order to prevent fraudulent activities.

Customer Care

For more information, you can read the FAQ page for the frequent asked questions or else you can use the ySense forum. Follow them on Facebook and if you have any issue send them a support ticket in English.

Check the website now here : ySense

ySense aka clixsense

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