Review, a name often reverberated in the cryptocurrency community, stands as one of the stalwarts in the arena. A venture that began as a mere Bitcoin faucet in 2013 has transitioned into a multifaceted online casino, attracting millions with the promise of winning Bitcoins through an assortment of games. While its stature is undeniable with over 52 million users and a whopping distribution of around 245,000 BTC since its inception, whispers questioning its legitimacy occasionally echo. This review aims to unveil the truth, exploring the nooks and crannies of

Platform Overview

Established in 2013, is not merely a Bitcoin faucet anymore. It has burgeoned into a versatile platform offering games, lotteries, interest on deposits, and more. Boasting of over 52 million registered users, the platform claims to have doled out a substantial 245,000 BTC since its inception.

While many perceive as just a faucet platform, a deeper dive reveals it as a multifunctional online casino. Users have myriad ways to “win” bitcoins, from solving captchas to playing luck-driven games. Its longstanding presence, combined with a transparency in many of its games, has fortified its reputation in the crypto community.

User Experience and Registration

Simplicity is the highlight of Users can easily register using just an email address, setting a strong password, and subsequently verifying their registration via email. For the withdrawal of rewards, users must insert their Bitcoin address in the “Change Withdrawal Address” tab located in the Profile section.

For those new to the world of Bitcoin, wallets can be easily generated. Sites like Blockchain provide this functionality. Once set up on, users can begin their journey by clicking on the ROLL button, marking the start of their BTC earnings.

Main Features

  1. Free Bitcoins Every Hour:
    • Users can potentially win up to $200 in BTC. The reward size is determined by a user’s “lucky number,” which is a random outcome post captcha completion. The potential winnings range from 0.00000049 BTC to 0.007 BTC. Additionally, every captcha solved garners lottery tickets and reward points.
  2. Free Lottery:
    • rewards activity on the site with lottery tickets. These tickets can also be purchased at 1 Satoshi each. The lottery has prizes ranging from 0.0001 BTC to 0.07 BTC distributed across 10 winners.
  3. Golden Ticket Lottery:
    • Users can buy golden tickets or earn them through other activities on the platform. These tickets enter users into a lottery with large Bitcoin prizes.
  4. Dice Games and Betting:
    • A popular feature is the HI-LO dice game, where users bet on the outcome of a generated number. Prizes can go up to 1 BTC. Apart from this, users can bet on diverse events using the platform.
  5. Interest and Referral Programs:
    • Deposits over 0.0003 BTC earn an interest up to 4.08% annually. Furthermore, referring users can lead to generous rewards, including a share of their winnings and additional lottery tickets.

Withdrawal Process on FreeBitcoin

FreeBitcoin’s withdrawal process is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring users can easily access their winnings. To initiate a withdrawal, users navigate to the “WITHDRAW” tab on the dashboard. Here, they can choose between two methods: ‘Auto’ and ‘Manual’. In the ‘Auto’ method, automatically sends accumulated Bitcoin to the user’s address every Sunday, provided the balance meets or exceeds the minimum threshold of 0.0003 BTC.

For those who prefer more control over their transactions, the ‘Manual’ method allows withdrawals on demand. However, it’s essential to note that manual withdrawals may incur a fee, especially during peak blockchain traffic. Users are always encouraged to double-check their Bitcoin address before confirming transactions, ensuring a smooth transfer of their digital assets.


  1. Diverse Earning Opportunities:
    • Beyond the basic faucet, the platform offers several ways to earn Bitcoin, catering to a variety of users.
  2. Security:
    • Robust security measures and an established reputation in the community offer peace of mind to its users.
  3. Interest Earning:
    • The ability to earn interest on held Bitcoin distinguishes from many other faucets.


  1. Gaming Risks:
    • The Hi-Lo game, while fun, carries risks of loss. Users should participate responsibly.
  2. Variable Faucet Rewards:
    • The actual amount of Bitcoin you can earn from the faucet can vary, sometimes offering less than expected.


With no public reports of security breaches, appears to prioritize its users’ safety. It recommends two-factor authentication, a trusted security measure in the cryptocurrency domain. This feature generates one-time passwords on the user’s device, bolstering account security.

Is Legitimate or a Scam?

The realm of cryptocurrency is rife with scams, making skepticism healthy., given its stature, has had its share of detractors. Some users have alleged discrepancies in winning chances, particularly in the dice games. However, these claims often drown in a sea of positive testimonials, many of which commend the platform for its fairness and prompt payouts.

The platform’s longevity, combined with an overwhelming number of positive user reviews, veers the pendulum towards it being legitimate. While winning big might be a lofty expectation, the platform offers a fair chance at earning some extra BTC.

Conclusion, in its decade-long journey, has carved a niche for itself as a trustworthy online Bitcoin casino. While dreaming of colossal wins might be far-fetched, the platform, with its myriad of features and robust security, ensures a fair and secure environment for its users. It stands as a testament to the possibilities within the crypto-gambling world, blending fun with the allure of potential earnings.

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