War of Cliks is a brand new generation online paid to click. The website is in English and already translated in two others languages : Spanish and Russian. This new PTC owned by the company Bowiga LDA is live for 1 year and has become one of the most trusted and appreciated. Warofclicks is also compatible with mobile phone and tablets so you can click wherever you are.

How many registered members count WarofClicks ? Launched in June 2014 War of Clicks has already over 515000 registered users ! This is an awesome start and definitely one of the fastest growing PTC ! This is certainly due to the new innovative gaming and competitive concept.

Is WarofClicks.com a scam or is it legit ?

IMPORTANT : WarofClicks turned into a SCAM ! They stopped paying users some time after launching their revenue share product. Do not invest on WarofClics. Non-Reponsive Admin and Support, Censored forum.

If you a are a newbie in the War of Clicks world, you might think it is so complicated compared to others PTC sites but basically only the terms are changed. For example “mines” means referrals.

To have even more fun you will have an avatar and can choose from 2 themes.

How can members earn money with WarofClicks ?

Paid to click ads for cash and warcoins

Like all others PTC you are paid to click and view advertisements during few seconds. On WarofClick you can earn cash or warcoins.

There are two types of ads.

Pay per click ads in green give you cash. Each ad is worth $0.002 and you can click every 24 hours on the same ad ! To unlock the PPC ads, you need first to click on 32 rush hour ads.

Rush Hour ads in blue give you warcoins and you can click every 6 hours on the same ad. A countdown will be showing once you viewed the ad.

What are warcoins and how can you use them ?

Warcoins is a kind of currency, but you can use them only to rent, extend, auto-extend, recycle referrals and also purchase ad banners. You cannot convert warcoins into cash.

You can also buy items with warcoins. Items can boost your earnings, reduce the waiting time, increase the rental limit and more.

How do I get warcoins ?

There are many ways to win warcoins. For instance by completing achievements, winning most click awards, potshot awards, playing wargrid, viewing rush hour ads, being in the hall of fame leaderboard.

You also get 1 warcoin for each unique visitor who clicks on your referral link.

If you need more warcoins you can also purchase them.

Referral System – Mining

Mines are referrals and produces ORE amount that is converted into cash after the end of each season. A season is 3 days. A referral can produce up to 5 ORE per season. 1 ORE is about $0.02 earnings.

The 5 levels of ORE depends on how many times a referral clicks on ads. For example, to have 1 ORE a referral needs to click a minimum of 24 ads and at least 200 ads for the level 2 during a season.

The minimum cost for a single referral is $0.10 for a period of 30 days. Like all others PTC sites you can extend, renew, recycle your rented referrals.

You can colonize (rent) two mines at a time and have to wait for minimum two hours and maximum four hours for the mines to be colonized.

Discovered mines are direct referrals that join by using your affiliate link. Invite your friends, promote your affiliate links and banners on forums, blogs, advertise on others sites and get loads of direct referrals.

You also earn 5% from your referrals on any purchase they make.

Level System

The more you click on ads the higher your level will be ! Meaning that you will get more warcoins per rush hour ads, more warcoins awards, increase your colonized mines (rented referrals) limit and discovered mines (direct referrals) limit.


It is simple how to play wargrid. You just need to click on any hexagon on the grid to view a random advertisement and if you have luck you might win some cash, coins or items awards.

Hall of fame, Most Click Award competitions, Potshot awards and more

Hall of fame is a competition which award the best clicker during a season. You can check your rank on the leaderboard and can win warcoins at the end of the contest. To participate you must be at least ORE level 1 (click at least 24 ads) during the current season.

Most Click Award is a competition for each single ad. In order to win warcoins, you need to be the one who click the most on this particular ad.

Potshot awards can be triggered randomly for each RH Rush Hour ads you view. If you are lucky enough you can win a cash reward, warcoins or items.

With achievements you can also earn warcoins. Achievements are daily tasks that you have to finish before the end of day. Each day you have new achievements. Usually the objective of these tasks is to click a number of time on ads.

Payment methods – WarofClicks Banking

WarofClicks accept the following payment methods for deposits and withdrawals : Paypal, Payza and EGOPay.

In order to cashout withdrawal is based on the reputation chart. If you have not made any purchase you can withdraw $2 minimum and maximum for the first payout, $5 minimum and maximum for the second payout, $10 minimum and maximum for the third payout.

After the first 3 cashouts you will have to make purchases in order to increase your cashout limit.

Payments are processed within few hours.

Advertise your business on WarofClicks

Are you looking for low cost and efficient way to advertise your website and to increase the number of your visitors ? Then War of Clicks is the good choice. The minimum price is only $2.

You can choose to advertise as paid to click ads, banner ads or to advertise on wargrid unlimited times for few days. Paid to click ads can be for 5, 15, 30 or 60 seconds. You can also target members by age, country, operating system, gender, occupation and education.

Customer Care and WarofClicks Support

If you do not understand something you can always check the pages HELP and FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions). The information on these pages are very useful so we recommend to have a look. If you have any problem or issue you can contact the friendly support team by creating a ticket. You can also check the forum of WarofClicks to discuss with the others members, for updates, news, proof of payments, promotions and have fun.

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