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VuexyBux is a new fast growing paid to click and investment website. Members can get up to $0.04 per click while viewing ads and get paid instantly. On the homepage you’ll find some interesting stats about the top 10 investors and payouts as well as some graphs with the total members and payments sent. If you would like to earn some passive income you can invest on their upgrade packages. They will guarantee you up to 50% profit per month. Don’t forget to claim your daily bonus each 24 hour to get some extra cash. If you are an advertiser and want to boost your traffic or get more leads, Vuexy Bux offers you some nice opportunities. Their main benefits are a strong anti-cheat protection, competitive advertising prices and instant advertising so there is no need to wait for approval.

Status : NEW

Key Details about :

Created in : 06/2020
Script : Unique
Free Website : Yes
Language : English
Total members : ≅10,000
Ads per day : ≅20
Commissions : Yes
Revenue Share : Yes (Investment Packages)
Currency : US dollar
Minimum Payout : $0.02
Withdrawal Time Frame : Instant Payments.
Payment Methods : Payeer, Perfect Money.

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One thought on “VuexyBux

  • Petersumanth

    Yes its works very well. Once you upgrade upload get more and more points and that will convert into real cash. Payment process is very fast and accurate.
    I loved it. Invested nearly 70$ and receiving accounding to it. I want this website to survive for a long time.
    Thank God for this ptc. Vuexybux <3