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UltimateClixx is already online for over 1 year now in the paid to click industry. This is a very good start for this promising PTC site who is already one of the most legit and trusted sites and can become one of the leaders.

How many users has Ultimate Clixx ? Since February 2014 UltimateClixx has already over 105000 registered members !

Is UltimateClixx a scam or is it legit ? Ultimate Clixx is definitely not a scam and pay all their members with almost no complaints. Very few legit ptc sites can still be opened after one year. A rising star PTC indeed.

Important notice : If you do not want to lost your account balance, membership, points and referrals you have to LOGIN at least ONCE EVERY 30 DAYS ! You will still be able to login after 30 days but your account will be reset. So stay alert and do not forget to login.

How can members earn money with UltimateClixx ?

Paid to click ads

You can of course earn money by clicking and viewing ads. The remuneration is usually up to $0.02 per click and even up to $0.04 for Ultimate member on extended ads.

There are 8 levels of memberships from Free to Steel, Silver, Golden, Emerald, Platinium, Diamond and Ultimate.

Awesome news : As a birthday gift, you will be awarded a Golden membership for free during 7 days when you register.

Direct Referrals Buy

What is a referral ? A referral is a member who kind of work for you. He was a member because he registered with your affiliate tracking link.

There is a section Banners and Promotional tools to have some more direct referrals by promoting on forums, websites, blogs, traffic exchange, autosurfs or by advertising on any other site.

You will earn up to $0.02 per direct referral click depending as well as a referral upgrade or ad purchase commissions depending on you membership. The maximum direct referrals you can have is 100 for free members and more for upgraded members. There is also a fee of $0.10 to erase a direct referral

Buy also direct referrals for lifetime for the price of only 1 dollar or less if you buy more referrals at once.

From time to time there are also referral contests to take part and win some more cash !

Rent Referrals

If you prefer to rent referrals, UtimateClixx offer you this option as well.

The commission for rented referrals clicks will be less than for direct referrals but still up to $0.02 depending on you membership.

As most of others ptc sites, there is a maximum rented referrals, 200 for free members, the option to Auto-Recyle them after some inactive days for a starting fee of $0.07, etc.

Scratch Game

By viewing at least 10 ads and 10 UltimateGrid you will be able to start playing the Ultimate ScratchGame !

10 advertisements = 1 chance

By playing this game, you will have a chance to win a free golden membership, up to $10 cash, 25% Deposit bonus and 1000 points.

Speaking about points they can be converted into cash. You earn points by clicking ads as well.

Paid to Signup, PTP, Traffic Exchange, Offerwalls and more !

All I can say is that UltimateClixx offers you a wide range of ways to earn money ! It is one of the ptc sites who has the more options !

Paid to Signup Offers : You earn a reward for every site you signup and the is a monthly contest to win up to $20.

Get paid to promote UltimateClixx and earn money with your referrals plus 10 points per signup.

Visit website using the traffic exchange and get some credits to promote your site, blog or links. The more you visit websites the more you get bonuses such as free banner ad credits.

With UltimateGrid, you have to pick a square on the picture and you can win up to 1 dollars. There are 336 squares on the grid. Each time you click it opens a sponsor’site that you need to view for up to 5 seconds.

Offerwalls allow you to earn even more money by liking facebook pages, watching and liking youtube videos, following twitter accounts, completing registration, completing surveys, watching videos, doing mini-jobs and tasks, doing shopping, playing games, downloading and installing mobile apps. They are provided by Persona, AdscendMedia, CPAGrip, MinuteStaff, LikeFlow and SuperRewards.

Payment info – Banking

You can add funds by making a deposit or make a withdrawal with the following payment methods : Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay and Payeer. The minimum deposit is from $1 to $5 depending on the payment option.

The minimum amount to cashout is $4 for all memberships. The minimum amount will increase for each new payout by $1 until it reaches 10 dollars.

Many ways to Advertise your business

Are you an Advertiser ? Looking for new and more customers ? With the UltimateClixx advertiser panel you will be able to promote your website, blog or affiliate links for a low price to reach real visitors.

There are several ways to advertise such as Paid to Click ads, Login ads, Banner ad, Featured text and link ads, and paid to signup offers.

Customer Care

If you have any question, you can look at the FAQ page for the frequent asked questions. There is also a forum to share your experience with others members and post your payment proofs and discuss of lots of things. In case of issues or problems you send a ticket to the support on the contact page or chat with the team when they are online.

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