Traffic Monsoon

Traffic Monsoon is a revenue sharing advertising company launched in October 2014. In addition to the Paid-to-Click cash links, you can advertise your banners, increase the number of visits on your website with the manual traffic exchange system and buy revenue sharing positions.

How many members has TrafficMonsoon ? Although the company does not indicate officially the number of registered members, we can estimate that there are at least between 10000 to 100000 users. Yes, Traffic Monsoon is growing very fast !

Is it a scam or is this site legit ? TrafficMonsoon is a scam site owned by Charles Scoville.

Status : SCAM (Ponzi)

The SEC has also launched legal action against Charles Scoville, the founder of Traffic Monsoon.

If you have invested in Traffic Monsoon we strongly suggest to join the facebook page: for advice.

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What are the ways to earn money with TrafficMonsoon ?

Visit Paid to click cash ads

If you do not want or cannot invest money, there is a free way to make money with TrafficMonsoon ! All you need is to click and visit daily ads for few seconds to earn some cash. There are Cash Links worth $0.001 (5 seconds / visit), $0.005 (15 seconds / visit), $0.01 (30 seconds / visit) and $0.02 (60 seconds per visit).

Earn more with the Affiliate Program

In order to make more money you may also want to get some referrals by telling your friends about TrafficMonsoon opportunity. Use your referral link, banners, traffic rotator and landing pages to promote Traffic Monsoon via e-mail, advertising platforms, forums, blogs, others PTC sites.

You will earn 100% from your referral Click ! So imagine, if you have 100 referrals that earn daily $0.10 you can earn 300 dollars per month and even more !

In addition to that you will get 10% commissions from all your referral advertising purchases except for cash link purchases.

Buy Revenue Sharing positions

At TM you can buy an adpack with a sharing position. It means that in addition to the 20 pay-per-click banner credits and 1000 traffic exchange credits for the price of $50, you will get a revenue sharing option that will give you the opportunity to earn $55 ! You can of course buy as many sharing positions as you wish.

Yes, that’s 110% (10% ROI) and they will share their revenue with you hourly for approximately 50 days until you get 55 US dollars. That’s about $1 per day. But, in order to be able to receive a part of the revenue share DO NOT FORGET to visit 10 sites every 24 hours via the manual traffic exchange ! This is mandatory to keep the revenue share active.

Purchase others advertising services

If you prefer you can also buy an adpack without sharing option. This provides you with Pay-Per-Click Banner Credits for $0.25 per click and $0.50 per click with country targeting. The budget minimum is $10 for 468×60 format, $25 for 125×125 and $100 for 728×90.

Apart from Adpack, you can buy traffic exchange credits, start page (Your site will be showing first when they start surfing), Login ads (members will view your ad during the login process), buy cash links with or without geo-targeting option, buy clicks for banner and text ads.

Manual Traffic Exchange

One of the main features of Traffic Monsoon is that they offer a manual traffic exchange service.

To have manual traffic exchange credits you can visit websites by clicking on the red button on the top (Start Surfing). As a free member, you will receive 1 credit every 2 websites viewed.
As soon as you purchase any advertising service from $1, your status will change to upgraded member for life and you will get 1 credit for every website viewed.

With these credits you can obviously start promoting your websites by adding credits to them and have the option to select the geo-targeting feature that cost you 2 credits for every visit instead of 1.

Deposit and Withdraw at Traffic Monsoon

Paypal, Payza and SolidTrustPay are the three payment methods accepted by TM to buy advertising services or to make a payout to your e-wallet account.

Most of the time, the cashout will be processed instantly or within hours.

As many others PTC sites, the minimum payout starts at $2 and increase by $1 for each cashout until it reaches $10.

Traffic Monsoon Support

If you need assistance or have any questions, you can click on the Support link and open a ticket or contact Traffic Monsoon on Facebook.

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