SolidTrust Pay Alternatives

SolidTrust Pay is closed

After 14 years of service, SolidTrust Pay has officially announced that it will be permanently ceased its operations on 1st April 2020. It’s sadly the end for all SolidTrustPay Customers and Merchants.

According to their statement, the closure of this leader in the payment processing industry is due to various reasons. Recent changes in economic and regulatory conditions have had a significant and negative impact on their operations. Which made it difficult for them to secure the financing required to expand their services outside Canada. SolidTrust Pay also mentioned that were competing for less and less available market share due to the entrance of large technology companies such as Apple, Samsung and Google into the payment processing sector has made it more difficult for them to grow.

Following the closure announcement, all members have been requested to withdraw their SolidTrustPay e-wallets funds prior to the 1st April 2020. They will have several options to withdraw such as: cryptocurrency withdrawals, eCurrency exchange, cheque, merchant transfer, international bill payment, EFT bank withdrawal or the possibility to donate their ewallet balance to a charity.

Top 3 Alternatives to SolidTrust Pay

Now that SolidTrustPay is gone, what are the alternatives in terms of payment processor. What payment method can you use to receive money or send money. Here is a list of the best payment system you can replace it for your business as a merchant or for yourself as personal use.


Payeer is more recent payment provider launched in 2012. What’s cool about this electronic wallet is that you can over 10 different e-currencies. USD, EUR, BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, BCH and so on. You’ll also be able do download an app on your mobile to have access to your accounts. Why use Payeer? Because the fees are very low. Also more and more people are using it, not only for PTC service but also for any other kind of business. Payeer is now widely accepted by most of the paid to click websites and the members love it to receive instant payments.


Neteller is widely e-wallet use in the i-gaming industry such as online casinos and sports betting. Many Paid to click services have also started using Neteller as they were unable to use Paypal for this kind of business.

Perfect Money

Launched in 2007, Perfect Money is not a new player and has over 12 years of experience in the payment industry. Low fees are what merchants and clients love about Perfect Money. It has also a strong presence on the paid-to-click industry.

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