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Summary :

Ojooo Wad is one of the oldest paid to click websites and still paying their members. Ojooo.com is much more than a typical ptc website as it offers many ways to earn money.

Status : SCAM

Paid to click ads

There are around 20 ads to click per day which that pays you up to $0.04. You will earn from most of them between $0.001 to $0.005 per click. Obviously it also depends on the membership you have and the country you live in. You will need to watch the advertisements for 5 seconds to 30 seconds or more. And you cannot view another page via your browser while the ad is running.

Rent referrals

Another way to make money on Ojooo is to purchase referrals. You can buy them from just $0.20 each per month. There is a limit to the maximum amount of referrals you can buy based on your status.

Upgrade your account

There are many benefits to upgrading your membership level. The upgrades cost from 2 to 40 US dollars per months. In order to that, you can wait to have the require amount in your balance or you can add funds to your account. It is possible to add funds using the following payment methods : Bitcoin, Ethereum or bank transfer. There are 3 different types of accounts. Economy lite, Economy and Privilege. We recommend upgrading to Economy and Privilege as Economy lite does not really offer much more advantages.

What are the privileges once upgraded

  • Earn more money per click for each ad
  • Get higher commissions on your referral’s clicks
  • Have access to special games like the puzzle to win prizes
  • Get noticed each time there is a new ad to click on
  • Free money for advertisements
  • Higher number of referral’s limit
  • Recycle rented referral more quickly
  • More chances to play the game Ojooogrid
  • Reduced minimum amount cashout amount
  • Sending unlimited private messages

As you can see, it’s worth upgrading your account to a higher level.

Coin Flip Gambling Game

Ojooo offers you the possibility to gamble and win money with their game Coin Flip. All you need to do is to choose a coin and win up to 195% of your bet. Minimum amount is $0.05 and the maximum stake is 50$. If you are feeling lucky, then why not try your luck to win more money.

Coin flipping strategy

You can try to use the martingale on the coin flip game. But as you can win up to 195%, the odds will not probably be 50%. You can still try to double the amount of your bet until you win. Let’s say you bet $0.05, selected the left coin and you loose. You will need to increase your bet to $0.10 afterwards and select the same coin and so on until you win. Once you won, bet on the other coin and do the same. You can also continue to bet on the same coin or change coin every time you bid. It’s really up to you.

Others interesting features

  • Ojooo Grid : It’s a game of chance where you can win from $0.05 to $2. You’ll need to click on a picture in the grid, watch the ad for few seconds and see if you win a prize or not. You have a limited number of chance per day based on your membership.
  • Traffic Exchange : Good if you have a website to promote. You do not earn money for watching other website but earn minute credits to use for your website.
  • Offers : You can earn even more money via the offer walls. You will need to complete some tasks like watching videos, clicking, downloading mobile app, participating to surveys or shopping.

Key Details :

Created in : 2012
Script : Unique
Free Website : Yes
Language : English
Total members : >30.000.000
Ads per day : ≅20
Commissions : Yes
Revenue Share : No
Currency : US dollar
Minimum Payout : $2 and $6 from the second cashout request for standard members. For upgraded members it’s always $2
Withdrawal Time Frame : Within 7 business days following the terms
Payment Methods : Bitcoin, Ethereum

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