Neobux may be one of oldest and most trusted paid to click site. But is Neobux worth your time or just a waste of time? Is Neobux cheating on you? Are they using fake referrals? We are about to reveal you everything you need to know on this unbiased review.

Not Recommended

First of all here are all the reasons why we do not recommend to use Neobux. So let’s look at all the cons.

  • Strict rules: Don’t question or complain on the Forum, your account will sadly end up banned.
  • Inactivity = Account Suspension: By beeing inactive of the site for 30 days, your account will be suspended and deleted permanently after 60 days. What’s worst? You will lose all the money in your balance and all your referrals. They also mentions you could get fines or penalties. How ridiculous is that?
  • Very Expensive Memberships: If you would like to upgrade your account, you will just need to pay the sum of $90. And if you are completely mad, you can also upgrade to the ultimate membership of $890 per year. Yes, this is out of this world. Not affordable for most of the members.
  • Fake rented referrals: Many people think their rented referrals are in fact bots. So they can change the activity of the bots whenever they like. It’s well known in the industry that rented referrals are just a scam. They might make you some good money at the beggining. But after a while, you might see that the activity of your referrals drop.
  • Shaving direct referrals: You might see the numbers of your direct referrals beeing decreased. So what happened? Does your referrals really did close their accounts or stopped using neobux or have they been removed from your accounts.
  • Limited direct referrals: Compared to others PTC program, Neobux is not good for recruiting new members. Why? Because, as a standard¬† member you can recruit only 30 direct referrals. If you want a bit more then you need to upgrade and pay more and more,… Also you will need to make 100 clicks and wait 15 days before you are allowed to recruit others.
  • Too popular: Who does not know Neobux and his millions members? Maybe you? But bear in mind that Neobux have now been live for over 10 years. Of course this is a good sign. But the downside is that most of the people have already an account at Neobux. So it will be really difficult to recruit new members in order to increase your earnings. This is a big disadvantage.
  • New members cannot use their Forum: Right, if your new and have some questions. Well you cannot use Neobux Forum. You will need first to click and watch on 250 ads. Really not newbies friendly are they?
  • Unfriendly, unhelpful and rude customer care: Many members found that the staff and owner were rude when it comes to the customer service. No wonder why the new members do not feel welcome.
  • Don’t miss one day: You need to click on at least 4 or 9 ads everyday or else you can say byebye to your referral earnings.
  • Don’t use a mobile or tablet: This one is a bit old fashion, Neobux will need to change that one day. Anyway, yes you are not allowed to use your mobile phone and tablet while viewing ads. I know right, this is ridiculous, we are in 2020! Well, looks like Neobux is still in the 90s. Not cool when we have no access to a PC or laptop and need to click on ads every single day.
  • Account suspended after cashout request: Some members who requested a withdrawal had the bad surprise to have their account closed just after. So be very careful to what you do on Neobux. They can find any reason to close your account and void your earnings. They have very stricted when it come to multiple accounts, IPs and so on.
  • Low earnings: Their ads, mini jobs and surveys won’t make you rich. That is why it might not be worth your time. After it depends as well on your location. If you live in a country where everything is expensive, then Neobux might not be right thing for you.
  • Minimum Payout increases every time: The minimum amount to cashout will increase every time by $1. From $2 to $10. This is another sad thing.

Neobux Review

We are in 2020 and Neobux is still there. It is one of the oldest ptc services created in 2008 and one of the most trusted PTC sites with fast instant payouts. Neobux is owned by a registered portugese company located in Porto called NEODEV LDA and reported a revenue of $4 million.

How many members are registered with Neobux ? It is estimated that Neobux has over 20 million users worldwide. This is also one of the reasons why Neobux is the biggest PTC.

How can members earn money ?

Paid to click ads

There are several ways to make money with Neobux. The first one is by clicking and watching ads.

As a standard member you earn $0.001 for fixed and Micro Exposure Ads, $0.005 for Mini Exposure Advertisements, $0.01 for standard exposure Ads and $0.015 for Extended Exposure. So you can earn up to $0.015 by click. Depending on the day you can click on up to 40 / 50 ads.

You have also the possibilty to upgrade your account to Golden, Emerald Sapphire, Platinum Diamond and Ultimate to earn up to 2 cents per click and have more advantages.

Limited Direct Referrals

Another way to make money is to get Direct Referrals. You will receive a commission on their clicks (up to $0.01 if you have a premium account) and if they complete Coin (20%) and Mini Jobs (12%) offers. In order to get Direct Referrals you can invite your friends by using your affiliate link or promote the link on any site or forum. Don’t forget that there is a limit to the maximum you can have. The limit is based on your membership and standard members cannot have more than 30 direct referrals. Also you cannot recruit directly after you sign up. You will need to wait 2 weeks and have clicked on enough ads.

Fake or Real Rented Referrals

Another option is to rent referrals for the price of $0.20 depending of the amount you wish to buy. Once bought they will work for you by clicking on ads and bring you an additional revenue during 30 days. You can earn up to $0.02 per click if your account is Golden. When your referrals are about to expire you can renew them for 15 days and up to 240 days. The longer you renew them the better discount you will get ! By activating the option Autopay, you will get a 15% discount and your rented referrals will be extended daily for an extra day if they click at least one ad during a day.

If you rented referrals do not click at all or enough on ads, you are able to recycle them for the price of $0.07 or by using your points.

Every Neobux user has a different strategy when it comes to recycle or to renew them. You can find more strategies on the neobux forum.

Here you need to be aware that these “rented referrals” might not be real people. Therefore you might end up loosing money at certain time. Many members said that their referrals were infact bots and suddenly slow down in terms of activity. Therefore be wary to use this function because most of rented referral systems are purely scams.

Neobox Mini-Jobs

With the mini jobs offers you can earn even more money by completing some tasks, surveys, content generation or modification, academich research. But don’t be too excited you will only earn few cents per tasks.

Neobux Points

What are Neobux Points ? First of all you earn 1 point every time you view an ad. You can get more points by completing point offers or winning points in Adprize. Then you can use those points to buy a golden membership for 1 year if you have 30000 points or recycle, extend you rented referrals and increase your direct referrals limit by 1 more for 500 points.

Neobux Coins

What are Coins Neobux for ? Coins will make you even more money by converting them into cash !  How do you get Coins ? You will earn coins by completing coins offers. These offers usually require to watch a video, play a game, register your e-mail adress, download and install a mobile app, complete surveys, purchase and do some shopping.

Payment info

The minimum payout is 2 dollars and it increases by 1 dollar up to 10 dollars every time you request a withdrawal of your earnings. This is really annoying for members to have their minimum cashout always beeing increased.

There are several payment methods to make a deposit or withdrawal such as Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, Tipalti, bank transfer and AirTM.

Shall I advertise my business on Neobux?

In order to advertise your business you can use your earnings to buy advertisements or add funds to your Neobux balance. You will able to select one of the pack ads and choose the minimum exposure time from 5 seconds to 60 seconds after the first click.

We would not recommend to advertise on Neobux as their click pack are over priced. You will get low quality of traffic and these members might not be interested in your products. Most people there just click on the ads and close the window straight after.

According to similarweb, most of their traffic comes from Venezuela, Russia, Ukraine, Colombia and Argentina. Countries with low PIB which might not have the means to buy your products. Also lot’s of bots come from Russia and Ukraine so be careful.

Customer Care

If you have any questions or problems, you can use the Neobux forum or chat or read the FAQ for all the frequent asked questions for more information. Sadly new members are not allowed to post on the forum until they clicked on 250 advertisements. If you still have an issue you can submit a support ticket to Neobux customer care team. Be polite and friendly with them even though they can sometimes be rude and not very clear in their answers. Their support is often slow to reply so you will need some patience.

Status : Paying

Members Opinions

What do you think about Neobux? Is it Scam or a Legit site? Are they cheating on us? Have you been banned from their website? Is it worth using Neobux or is just a waste a time. Tell us on the comments below.

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