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Summary :

LittleBux, launched in August 2015, is a new fast growing paid to click service website. Little Bux can become one of the leaders in the industry with is innovative features copied from Neobux (adprize) and Clixsense, the most trusted and paying PTC sites. Earn money online by viewing advertisements, trying your luck by playing the game of chance LittleGrid and win up to $5 or 1000 points and completing tasks from offerwalls provided by Superrewards, Offertoro, Matomy and Rent referrals for the price of $0.20 each to make even more exta cash. Upgrade your account to Golden, Ruby or Ultimate starting from only $90 per year and earn an upgrade commission for your direct referrals. If you need help you can look at the FAQ page or on the Forum for more information. In case of questions or issues, you can also contact the support team by e-mail with the contact form. LittleBux has a valid SSL certificate and is verified by McAfee SECURE to certify that there is no malware, malicious link or phishing.

Status : SCAM

Note : The Admin mentioned on the Forum that Paypal limited their account. We believe that the owner of this site is : Romain Botto. They wanted to used Payza instead but failed and the admin was inactive in the forum. Some days after the forum was closed for being updated… Will it reopened one day ? We do not think so… Therefore LittleBux is not paying any more and many members bought advertisements with their remaining balance as they cannot receive their earnings. Stop wasting time on Little Scam, hmm no Big Scam !
Update – After few days, the forum reopened and a new post was created in the forum about some possible changes. It seems that the Admin saw the negative effect of having closed the forum. As he said, after that many Paypal disputes was opened. He said also that Paypal will only released some funds 30 days after the last dispute. So they are trying to calm things down by reopening the forum and propose some new changes. What are the changes ? Well, they basically copied the idea of TrafficMonsoon which consists on having the money earned on a pending balance. Now the question is, when and if Paypal released their funds will the admin still wants to reinvest it in Littlebux that has now a bad reputation or run away with the money ?
As they are not paying, they are still a lot of users who accused them to scam… and this is why will we not change the status of this PTC site for the time being.

Key Details :

Created in : 08/2015
Script : Unique custom script
Free Website : Yes
Language : English, French, Portuguese, Arabic
Total members : ≅50000-100000
Ads per day : ≅20-30
Commissions : Yes
Revenue Share : No
Currency : US dollar
Minimum Payout : $2
Withdrawal Time Frame : Instant payments / within 1-3 days maximum via Payza
Payment Methods : Paypal, Payza

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