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What is Koiniom?

Koiniom is kind of cryptocurrency faucet but you could also say that it is a manual traffic exchange or paid to click website. Because in fact, you need to wait a few seconds while watching some ads and then will need to click manually to change the ad. So Koiniom is similar to a PTC website.

How much can you earn with Koiniom?

Advertisements you view are usually worth between 7 to 30 KAT Coins or satoshis. There are usually about 10 or more ads to view per day. So how much you can make with Koiniom depends as well of the number of advertisers. If you are using others bitcoin faucets or PTC site, Koiniom is a good one paying their members.

Others ways to earn bitcoins

In order to increase your earnings on Koiniom, there are also offerwalls available. They’ve partnered with Offers4wall, WannaAds, MediumPath and Personaly.

Shall I advertise on Koiniom?

Koiniom make sure that all members are real by usuing CAPTCHA to verify their identity. This means that the quality of the traffic provided by Kickass is genuine. The price to promote your business on Koiniom very affordable as low as $0.99/1 000 views. This kind of traffic is perfect if you a website about crypto currencies, paid to click or investments for example. But you can advertise anything you want as long as it is not an adult website or anything that is illegal.

Status : LEGIT


Key Details :

Created in : 2016
Script : Unique
Free Website : Yes
Language : English
Ads per day : ≅10
Commissions : Yes
Revenue Share : No
Currency : BTC, Dash and Dogecoin
Minimum Cashout : 1500 coins
Withdrawal Time Frame : Fast, most of the time within 24 hours
Payment Methods : Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, FaucetPay


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