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Summary :

Hits Cash is a brand new paid to click website based on the similar model of PaidVert. You will earn BAP (bonus ad points) for viewing ads. The more BAP you have the higher is your level. And the higher is your level the more you earn money. But is Hits.Cash worth your time? Will it turn into a scam soon or will it keep paying his members for a while. The time will tell but for now, let’s look at what Hits Cash can do for you.

Status : SCAM

Reason: the admin is unresponsive, no support and they disabled the forum. Hits Cash is not paying. Withdrawal requests get cancelled and credited back to your hitscash account.

How can I earn money on Hits Cash?

The main way to make money on Hits Cash is to get the highest possible number of bonus ad points. In order to do so, you will need to click bonus ads. You can also purchase ad packs to promote your website. For each 1$ ad pack, you earn 3000 BAP. And finally recruiting referrals will help you in your quest of bonus points. By reaching the final level, you could earn up to $1,594 per day.

How about the support?

If you need help, there is an helpful support center with the most frequently asked questions. The forum is also opened if you have any questions or issues. You can also send an email to the team by clicking on the support link at the bottom for the website.

Our verdict about Hits Cash

It’s a scam! Don’t bother investing money there.

Key Details :

Created in : 02/2020
Script : Unique
Free Website : Yes
Language : English
Total members : Not disclosed
Ads per day : ≅10
Commissions : Yes
Revenue Share : No
Currency : US dollar
Minimum Payout : $2
Withdrawal Time Frame : within 24 hours cashout
Payment Methods : PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin

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14 thoughts on “Hits.Cash

  • Sham

    Yes it was big SCAM
    Now be careful, they are copy of this sites. They all are scams. bonusadpoints.com went down after few weeks. And now there is bap.cash. Don’t invest to these.

  • Tomaz

    It’s official hits.cash is finally down!!! 😀 When i made a withdrawal it was pending and then they cancel my withdrawal after a few days… so i used the 5 dollars to buy an ad pack for advertising until it completely dies. But it was useless! I will look at the new sites here to invest.

  • shuja

    site finaly make big scammed,

    they removed their support email adress, they removed forum , payment is still pending from last satureday of 12 doller, so 99% chances are they scamed,

  • Sham

    I still havent reached the $5 payout so im note sure yet if hitscash will pay… but im worried now cause they removed the forum this is a very bad sign…. hopefully i didnot invest

    • Soroush

      Yes he removed forum and proff payment. I want make big invest in this site. But you scared me. So i wait 10 day and request 5 dollar .hopfully they will pay me. Whitch site do yiu work??? Do uou know whitch site is it same this site???

  • asad khan

    i am facing problem in respect of cash out. 4 days ago i requested for cash out but still not received. so i decided to contact admin by sending him email via support option but email bounce back with the remarks this email adress doest not exsit. any one have ideahow can i contact them..

    • soroush mohajerani

      hi my freind. i has registed in this site .and i want to invest in it. but unfortunatly he disabe his forum and payment proof
      so i scared for invest . so you told me you didnt recieved any money for 4 days?
      haw much?

  • Alexxx

    lol the admin posted on forum hitscash has over 100,000 members and is paying 5k per day! Just can’t belive it… this does not seem possible based on the number of posts on the forum. Also i see that the admin is suspending members after they make cashout requests… i i dont think this site will stay long… looks like a ponzi to me paying members with members money like traffic monsoon!

    • soroush mohajerani

      do you have payment proof ? i think its scam . ithink becouse he removed forum and payment proof from his site.