CashOClick is a new simple paid to click site launched in mid-2014 and is growing slowly but surely.

How many members has CashOClick ? Until now there are over 14000 registered members.

Is CashOClick a scam or is this site legit ? CashOClick has been launched for about one year now and it really seems that it is a genuine PTC website. Payments are processed in a timely fashion with an irreproachable web reputation.
Update July 2015 : CashOClick seems to continue paying but read our important note below regarding the payment timeframe.

How can members earn money with CashOClick ?

Paid to click ads

You can earn money by clicking and viewing ads for few seconds. You can get from $0.001 (3 seconds) to $0.02 (60 seconds) per ad.

Earn from your Direct Referrals

First of all, on CashOClick you cannot rent referrals. The only way to get direct referrals is to promote the site by inviting your friends or by using marketing tools such as banners and referral link to display on social networks or blogs, forums, advertising places.

You will earn a fixed 10% of all earnings from your referrals on 5 referral levels ! This is really exciting !

Example : Your direct referrals level 1 can recruit referrals as well and you will earn 10% from them and so on until the level 5.

As most of Paid-to-Click websites, you are not allowed to connect to the website via a proxy or VPN or shared network like cybercafes, LAN houses or schools. And obviously, you are not allowed to have multiple accounts to make more money.

Advertise your business on CashoClick

If you have a website, affiliate link and wish to get more visits, leads and sales, you have the possibility to buy visits at a very low price and can target your visitors by gender, age groups, device, language and country. Visits are from 3 seconds to 60 seconds minimum.

How and When to get paid ?

Once you reach the minimum payout of $2, you can ask for a withdrawal directly to your paypal or payza account. Each time, you make a cashout request the minimum payout increase by $1 until it reaches the amount of $10.

Payments are usually processed within 48 business hours from Monday to Friday.

Important Note : CashoClick changed their terms without notice and did not update the FAQ page. Payments will now be made within 45 days after the payout request. If you did not get paid within 45 days please inform us and we will mark this site as a SCAM. In the meantime, you can wait up to 45 days to receive your money or else advertise with your balance on CashoClick.

Customer Care

For questions or issues you can visit the page “Help” on the footer of the website or click on “Contact-us” to send an e-mail using the form to the support.

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