Summary :

BudClix.xyz is a new paid to click website created on theme of Weed. That is also why it designed all green. Their slogan is “No minimum cashout”. Is it worth using BudClix? How much can you earn? And will it turns into a scam or keeps paying his members? Let’s find out.

Status : NEW

How Can I earn money on BudClix?

BudClix offers you lot’s of possiblity when it comes to earning money. You can make money by viewing ads, via the offerwalls, get paid to read ads and emails, by playing clixgrid, get paid to signup. Paid to click ads can currently make you about 0.03 to 0.04 per day if you are a standard member. You can win up to $5 by playing Clixgrid. You’ll just have to click on one of the grid sqares and view ad for few seconds to have a chance to win.

There are also many contests, activity bonus and lottery to earn more cash. You’ll earn from 10 to 20% from your direct referrals. And up to 5% on purchases commission.

If you want to make even more money, you can upgrade your account. Memberships are from just $5 to $20 per month.

What are the drawbacks of BudClix?

Well, firstly some links get lost on the green design. So it can be sometimes difficult to browse on the website. Also there are many popup ads which can be annoying. But the site also need to make money in order to pay the members in some way. Also there is a forum with the lastest payment proofs and the admin seems to be quite active there, which is good.

Key Details :

Created in : 12/2019
Script : Aurora
Free Website : Yes
Language : English
Total members : >500
Ads per day : ≅10
Commissions : Yes
Revenue Share : No
Currency : US dollar
Minimum Payout : $0.01 to $0.50
Withdrawal Time Frame : daily
Payment Methods : Paypal, Bitcoin, Amazon Gift Card, Marlboro codes

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