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Summary :

Ad2Prosper, launched in November 2015, is not really a paid-to-click website as you do not get paid to click on ads. However we made a review of this program as you are required to click x ads everyday to earn commissions for tomorrow. This business is mainly a multi-level marketing network. You can advertise your website or referral links with ptc ads or buy facebook likes. When you start as a free member you will have to click and view at least 20 advertisements to receive your startup bonus (cash in advertising balance + 1 free direct referral or commissions with the new structure). If you would like to keep your bonus and commissions from your referral you will need to upgrade your account starting from only $15 per month. We recommend that you upgrade at first to a Bronze or Silver membership. Don’t forget also that if a direct referral as a higher membership than you, you will need to upgrade to the same level to receive commissions from this member. If you have problem or need help you can check the FAQ page or the compensation plan to learn more how this program works.

Status : Closed

Note : Ad2Prosper got his Paypal account limited as many others big Paid-To-Click/Revenue Sharing sites. In fact Paypal does not like risky industries such as for “get rich quick”, Ponzy schemes or certain multi-level marketing programs… Therefore you will not be able to use Paypal for Ad2Prosper but can now use Visa or Mastercard cards as well as Perfect Money and Bank Transfer.

Key Details :

Created in : 11/2015
Script : Custom Gen4 Script
Free Website : Yes
Language : English, Arabic, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Total members : ≅100000-150000
Ads per day : ≅+1000
Commissions : Yes 33% up to 4-level downline
Revenue Share : No
Currency : US dollar
Minimum Payout : $20 for free members – No cashout limit for upgraded
Withdrawal Time Frame : Instant for upgraded members or within few days
Payment Methods : Credit Cards Visa Mastercard, Perfect Money, Bank Wire

Do not hesitate to post a comment below if you have any question or positive/negative feedback regarding Ad2Prosper. Is it Legit or a Scam for you ?

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4 thoughts on “Ad2Prosper

  • pat brennan

    I think this site is a scam. ~I upgraded via ~Paypal 1 week ago and up to yesterday was told I had insufficient funds (although ~I had confirmation from Paypal that they had received the money). I opened a support ticket but to date have had no explanation. Today when I tried to log in the message appeared that no such email was on their database!The only conclusion I can reach it that they are scammers.
    Please check them out thoroughly if you are thinking of joining.

    • MoneyMaker Post author

      Hi Pat,
      Paypal has limited Ad2Proper account due to the nature of their business which is against the TOS of Paypal and disputes opened as they mentioned in an newsletter sent some days ago. I guess their account was suspended when you upgraded via Paypal. It seems they have a backlog regarding support tickets that is why it takes some long days or weeks. However I would recommend you to open a dispute via Paypal, if not already done, if they cannot solve your issue.
      Now Paypal has been removed from the payment processors and they have added Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
      Good Luck and Best Regards.

    • Dillon

      You might want to report it to Paypal so as to get your funds back. They can make the scammers pay you back. They have done it for me on various websites on multiple occasions.

      • pat brennan

        Thanks, Dillon, for your comment. I have reported it to Paypal and they have escalated it from a dispute to a claim so hopefully I shall get my money back. No one likes to be scammed!