Watch List

The Paid to Click sites in our watch list are suspicious PTC sites. They can pay members but sometimes decide for an unknown reason to not pay some members or delayed some payments. It does not mean that you cannot use this site but we recommend you to proceed with caution. They can have also issues with members or might suspend or close accounts. They may block access to the forum, banned you or closed it. They may have issues with one or several processors of payment. There might also be some evidences that PTC sites that is owned by an old known scammer admin or have connection with others scam sites but are still paying. Sites with a poor customer service can also fall in this category.

Once again you might not have any problem with the sites below but act with caution and do not invest too much money on these sites. They might be also useful for advertising.

PTC SiteReason
Ayuwage.comSuspend accounts, selective payments
Clixbonus.comSuspicious proofs of payment, No Forum fatal error, No ads banners
Familyclix.comSuspicious, Selective payments, Golden group scammer admin
Germanptc.comSuspend accounts, Payment issues, suspicious
Powbux.comUnstable site, Stop paying, Old payment proofs
Runbux.comNo recent payment proofs - issues with Payza - Suspect
Getprofitbux.comComplaints on Forum - Pending payments
Clikrev.comIssue with payment processors, pending and delayed payments, Ponzi scheme
Clixdo.comSuspicious, part of the Golden Group, admin has several ptc sites, some pages not working
Goldenclix.comSuspicious, admin closed his other site without paying members, suspend accounts, censored forum.
Cheapadz.infoSuspicious, lowcost ptc, terrible design, errors on pages
Clixbery.comWell know scammer admin
Inadpros.comSuspicious, No Forum and Support, pending and delayed payments

If you do not find a PTC in our watch list you might check our Black List (Scam sites). Have you proofs that a PTC not listed is a scam ? Please submit a scam report so we can add it on the list.

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