Best Revenue Sharing Sites

What is a Revenue Share Site?

A revshare site is a website or company that share a percentage of his earnings between members who buy a revenue share pack, also called share or adpack. Most of the time, these programs are advertising websites and require to surf a number of ads per day in order to be eligible for revenue share each x minute, hour or day.

We have listed below the top and newest revenue share websites.

Top Revenue Share 2020

RS SiteDetailsMax % ROI ReturnMin PayoutStatusTrust Rate
PTC ShareRead Review118%$1Legit90%
Paid VertsTrusted since 2014
PaidVerts Review


We would like to point out that many advertising revenue sharing sites are most likely illegal ponzi shemes as they are paying older investors from new investors. Although they do offer others advertising services such as paid-to-click ads, login ads or selling traffic we do not believe many customers buy them. You also need to take note that usually revshare sites do not last years and more often turned into scam, close or stop paying after a few weeks or months. We are monitoring revenue share sites listed on this page. Like for hyip keep in mind not to invest more than you can afford to lose.

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