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Here are the best newest paying PTC websites launched few days, weeks, months ago in 2020. We are constantly looking for new paid to click websites to add and we will not list new scam sites. We always do a detailed investigation before adding a new PTC site to be sure that it pays.

New PTC sites listed on this page are checked on a regular basis and we will keep only those who are serious and paying on time. If anything suspicious is found they will be removed from this list and added to our not recommended or scam list.

Top New PTC 2020

DatePTC SiteDetailsTrust Rate
2020/07LuckyPTC.comInstant Payments. Lucky Grid Win up to $200.61%
2020/07BuxSurveys.comSurveys, PTP, Fast Payments60%
2020/05VirabuxMinimum payout: $0.05. PTP $0.10 CPM, 50% referral earnings.
Virabux Review

What is “Trust Rate” feature ?
Trust Rate is our new innovative and unique system to rate and monitor ptc sites.
Usually New Paid-to-Click websites have a rate between 40% and 60%. The lower is the percentage the more suspicious and not recommended is the ptc site. Therefore we advice you to be careful with PTC with low trust rate and not to invest too much money. The rate can change often, so it is highly recommended to check this page on a regular basis.

Any problem with a new PTC site?

Any issues with one of the PTC site above ? Please submit a scam report. Please bear in mind that over 99% of new ptc sites will turn into scam in the short or long time.

You can also write at the bottom of this page if you some problems with any of the new sites.

What is your best new Paid to Click site 2020?

Tell us what is the newest PTC site you love the most in the comment below. Have you discovered some new paid to click sites are are paying right now? Let everyone know.

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