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ClixSense is one of theĀ pioneers paid to click services created in February 2007 and one of the most trusted PTC sites with fast payouts.

How many active members has ClixSense ? With over 4,578,909 users ClixSense is one of the leaders in the PTC market. Clixsense is a registered company in USA.

How much money can you earn ?

Paid to click ads

The main way to earn money with Clixsense is to click and view ads. By being a standard member you will earn from $0.001 to $0.02 per click. There are many many ads on ClixSense so can build some nice earnings very fast.

Upgrade to Premium

What is awesome with ClixSense is that you can upgrade your account to Premium for just $17.00 per year ! It’s nothing compare to the competitors !

And by being a Premium member you earn you have numerous benefits such as : more guaranteed daily ads, more ClixGrid chances, a minimum cashout from $8 to $6, earn more money with your referrals clicks up to $0.004, bigger signup, upgrade, sales, tasks and offers commissions.

Direct Referrals

You can get direct referrals by joining their affiliate program. To get more referrals, Clixsense offers you some nice tools such as Splash Pages, banners, links and compaign management. Promote your link and pages on forum and traffic websites and get direct referrals.

Once you have some they will make money for you by clicking ads up to $0.008 per click, and you will get tons of commissions for signup after they reach a certain level of earnings, commisions for offers and surveys as well as for CrowdFlower Tasks (Mini Jobs), advertising sales and of course Premium Membership upgrades.

No Rented Referrals System

Clixsense do not offer the ablity to rent referrals. But some people would say that it is better like that because they believe that rented referrals are bots, you never know. So they do not believe in this system and thinks it is better this way.

Get Cash for completing paid Surveys

What users love with Clixsense is that you can earn a bunch of cash by completing Surveys ! Sometimes you do not even earn some small cents but this time some real green dollars ! Do not forget to complete your profile to have even more surveys daily. Often I ask myself if you should lie while doing these surveys in order to get more money and be the target they are looking for. But it is not a very good idea to lie as advised ClixSense because you could get banned if they noticed that. So we should be always honest.

Easy tasks Mini Jobs

There are also some new daily mini tasks that you can complete in order to earn more money. In addition of the cents you will earn, you will also get a bonus of $5 for each $50 tasks completed. You can also participate in the weekly contest to win up to 50 dollars.

ClixSense Offers

There are lots of offers on ClixSense provided by, TrialPay, RadiumOne, Matomy, Supersonic, SuperRewards, TokenAds, OfferToro or Adscend. All what you need to do is for example to listen to the radio, complete surveys, play games, register your e-mail address, download and install the mobile app, purchase and do some shopping and watch videos in order to earn even more money !

Try your luck with Clixgrid

Clixgrid allows you to win up to $10 dollars ! All you have to do is to click on a square of the picture which will open a sponsor page that you will have to view for 10 seconds (5 secs for premium). At the end of the time, you will see if you are a winner or not. There are 600 mini squares in the picture and you you have only 30 tries (60 tries for premium). So pick the good one and Good Luck !

Payment info

The minimum payout is 8 dollars for standard members and 6 dollars for premium.

There are three main payment methods to make a deposit or withdrawal : Paypal, Paytoo and by check.

Do you have a Website ? Advertise your business !

Clixsense is not only good for members to earn some money, it is also a very good idea to advertise your business. Why ? Because it is a one of the cheapest way to get to know your business and get lots of visitors. You can advertise your website, blog or even affiliate link at a very low price. You can buy thousands of Paid-to-Click advertising at a ridiculous rate. You will also be able to choose how long you want that the member has to view your website from 3 seconds to 15, 30 or even 60 seconds ! If you wish you can also advertise on the Clixgrid game for just $0.45 per day !

Customer Care

For more information, you can read the FAQ page for the frequent asked questions or else you can use the ClixSense forum. Follow them on Facebook and if you have any issue send them a support ticket in English.

Check the website now here : ClixSense

ClixSense PTC

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